2014 Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show Poster: Bike and Beer Festival

Just a brief mention of my latest bicycle related graphic, the 2014 Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show poster.
I collaborated with local design wiz, Kelley Dodd, and the infamous Andy Newlands of Strawberry Cycles.
(Thanks to both of you!)

With input from a variety of sponsors and organizers, the original design concept was a bike with a basket
filled with hops.

blog hopsycle

The design committee suggested we drop in some beer bottles. In PhotoShop, I added three photos of bottles.
A stainless steel mini-keg growler was another idea they suggested. We presented these options to the board.


blog beer and kegger


Nix those.  Let’s focus on the key sponsor, Portland’s Hopworks Urban Brewery, and do HUB bottles. Switch out the wicker basket for a metal one. First, I drew one bottle on my WACOM, and then repeated it to fill the basket.

blog line for hub

This worked, so I tried some color versions. Here is one I liked.

Final OBCA HOPS line art

But then it seemed that using the red and yellow in the HUB beer logo would really make the art really pop.
And it does.


Final OBCA HOPS line art

Here is a detail at 100%. At this magnification, it looks more hand-painted.


blog detail


And here’s the final poster with Kelley’s design magic.
See you at the show!

Bike show 2014_poster


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4 Responses to “2014 Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show Poster: Bike and Beer Festival”

  1. Karl,
    You never cease to amaze me with your lovely artistic work.
    It is cleaver, beautiful, and quite original.
    Keep up all that you do!

    PS: Here In Colorado I would not be surprised to see the fat tire
    folks come out with something like “Pointed Leaf Beer” … with an
    aroma of a reefer.

  2. Karl,

    I love your blogs. It engages people with the process. I love, love, love the poster.

  3. Great poster! Legendary Berkley poster designer Lance Goines would appreciate your design, as well as the illustration. Beautiful work.


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