Auto: The Ferret of Them All

This week marked a career first. In my forty years doing animal portraiture, I’ve painted dogs, cats, horses, iguanas, hippos, hawks and flamingos, but never a ferret.

A member of the weasel family, ferrets were once used to hunt rabbits. The subject of my painting is named Auto. Auto belongs to web designer and printmaker Jessie Matanky of HandHugs Design. Auto is six years old and spends most of his day napping inside a dresser drawer. The drawer is always kept slightly open so he can come and go. He is litterbox trained and highly inquisitive.

Sadly, Auto was recently diagnosed with lymphoma and is undergoing chemotherapy. He appears to be tolerating the treatment very well, though it is unlikely he will make a full recovery.

Here is the preliminary sketch for the watercolor:

And here is the photo reference:

2 Responses to “Auto: The Ferret of Them All”

  1. Jessie says:

    I LOVE this portrait. It captures Auto perfectly, and it makes me really happy every time I see it. Thanks Karl!

    • karledwards says:


      I’m glad. Erica and I are so happy with your web design work and all of your support during this process! You are a pro. We’ll recommend you to others, but don’t want to share you yet until our site is completed! :^)


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