He’s sensitive. He’s huge. And he’s a hero.

When is a spider not so “Itsy Bitsy”?

When it’s Hugely Wugely!




Meet Hugely. He’s sensitive. He’s huge. He’s misunderstood and so frustrated, but he’s going to be a hero.


It’s been great fun collaborating with author Ethan Berlin (http://www.ethantberlin.com), Joy Peskin, Editorial Director at Farrar, Straus and Giroux Books for Young Readers, and Anne Diebel, Senior Creative Director at Macmillan on a new children’s picture book scheduled for release in spring of 2018. The Hugely Wugley Spider is the title, and I believe it is a poignant story worth waiting for.

Hugely’s itsy bitsy friends think he’s just too . . . well, huge, to participate in their fun until his girth works to their benefit. He’s a big sensitive fellow, and laughs it all off, but you know he’s disappointed. What will it take to be just one of the guys?

Here’s a teaser of some of the developmental sketches and final art, without giving away the story’s ending.

First question. What does a huge spider look like?




Slowly, the characters emerge.




What color should Hugely be?




Here are a few of the little guys. Mitsy Bitsy. Litsy Plitsy. Witsy Ditsy.




They seem innocent enough, but they really bug Hugely until he finds a solution to this complex relationship.




Hugely saves the day. But how? You’ll just have to wait.



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