Meet Frankenagency’s Monster

Meet Frankenagency’s Monster, a Beast Built to Handle Every Idiotic Client Demand!

So begins Alfred Maskeroini’s article in AdWeek about “Frankenagency.”

I had the pleasure (horror) to work with Steve Klinetobe, Creative Director at The Cartoon Agency, on this creepy project.

Halloween is almost here and every art director, designer or small agency knows the horrors of last minute demands by sadistic and clueless clients.  They’ve created a monster, a grotesque creature of bits and pieces. A sewn-together creation built for the sole purpose of satisfying every sick need of the client. We call this beast, “Frankenagency’s Monster!”

Steve’s concept:
Heroic, yet pathetic, the character is an amalgamation of various bits and pieces. He’s a mid-thirties, casually dressed, “agency” type. He’s a human, but has Frankenstein-like elements (cyborg-ish). He’s been sewn and modified to fit the many needs of his clients. We want to feel sorry for the monster, but he also freaks us out with his hopelessness.

Included were a series of call outs that would describe the nonsense the agency goes through with the inconsiderate and oft time slow paying client, all illustrated in this one monster cartoon.

Steve mocked up his sketch for me to flesh out along with his concept.

Steve's Frankenagency sketch copy

Some of the elements he wanted called out were:

 -Remote Brain Access Port

24/7 instant access to unbillable strategic thought

-Pixel Monkey (on his back)

Trained chimp to accomplish simple, last-minute Photoshop requests, such as: “Make the baby cuter.”

-Sub-sonic Hearing

Hear the feedback that was never actually spoken


Prevents push-back

(The entire list can be seen in the final illustration.)

First, some sketches.

frankenagency sketchesSteve starts art directing, pointing out what he likes and points out things that could be improved, like:

I’m liking it. Let’s just make the thumb and feet a bit bigger. And maybe place the feeding tube a little more to the side, because, you know…penis.

So we end up with this line art.

Frankenagency line artAdd some color . . .

color Frankenagency



And Steve completes the poster with his call-outs.


Frankenagency poster


It’s alive!!!


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  1. Christina says:

    Brilliant! As always – hysterically funny!

  2. OMG…that had me ROFLMAO….so been there, done that. You and the client made a great team—this horrific vision is so life-like, so real, I can almost feel it…because I have! You captured it! I can hear the virtual scream through the zipped mouth.

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