The Google Experience: Illustrations for a New Client

Google art introI got a call from Bruce Couch, owner of The Bodie Group, to produce art for Google to liven up a presentation. That’s what The Bodie Group specializes in – staging productions for live corporate events. Or as Bruce puts it,

“We develop messages. Most of the time it’s in presentation form. A few of the companies who are crazy enough to want to work with us: Cisco, Citrix, Good, Google, Jive, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, Workday and Yahoo!

We are designers, thinkers, and most importantly, audience advocates. We create presentations, videos, and photographs to tell stories. If you want normal, you’re in the wrong place.”

Google contacted Bruce with a request for dynamic visuals to provide an enhanced backdrop for a live, streamed web conference featuring presentations by each of Google’s three principals: Larry Page (CEO), Nikesh Arora (Sr. VP and CBO), and Patrick Pichette, (Sr. VP and CFO).

Google asked us to think outside the box.

This post shares some approaches Bruce and I pursued, and breaks them down into the component parts.

This video shows how it all came together.



Our first concept was line art portraits that morph into full color.

blog l 1


blog l morph 2


blog l morph 3 blog l morph 4



blog send revised Nikesh




blog send revised Patrick



Another option was to feature Google environments – scenes from the Google campus in Mountain View, California.


blog send Street View


Google intro art 3


blog send revised volley ball


And then there’s the whole Androidify thing.

Androidify is a hugely popular new app that enables users to assemble pieces to make likenesses that include attributes associated with the person.





We created figures in the Androidify style based on caricatures of Larry, Nikesh, and Patrick. Larry is a Google Glass spokesman, so his Android likeness wears his Glass. Nikesh is big cricket fan, and Patrick is an avid cyclist.

DDdroids to convert



I also illustrated some Androidify characters in an Androidify audience engaging the officers in a Q&A session – which was, in fact, the point of this streaming webcast.



blog confrence droids



Working with Google is stimulating, fast-paced, and intense.

These are just a few examples of the art we produced over a week and a half – so there was little time for Googling, or for that matter, much sleep.


13 Responses to “The Google Experience: Illustrations for a New Client”

  1. Lynne says:

    As Always, loved the art, the concept, the story!
    Love you, the most!

  2. Karl, I always enjoy your blog post and getting a peak into your creative process. Great job!

  3. Peter Glass says:

    As always, just incredible work Karl! They are lucky to have you on their team, and by the way, so nice to see you drinking a beer in the campus scene shot, purple shirt, below the red ball (and what are you looking at?).

    You are famous now, don’t forget us little guys . . .

    Again, great work Karl, this is the kind of stuff you were born to do.


  4. Jay says:

    Wow…how nicely conceptualized and executed! It hits all the right notes.

  5. Noel Cisneros says:

    Brilliant as always!

  6. ChrisK says:

    Impressive! Way to go Karl. : )

  7. susan bein says:

    As usual, you make everything look cool and fun. Bravo!

  8. Edith Derven says:

    Wow Karl! You are a superstar! Excellent!
    Maybe this summer our bike ride will happen,

  9. Linda Glass says:

    So fresh, fun, and informative! Your illustrations make GOOGLE more real and friendly! Another fantastic job!
    Love, Linda

  10. Wayne Lo says:

    Hey Karl,

    Now I can finally say I know someone famous!

    We were just down in Mountain View this past weekend visiting and my girlfriend was fascinated by the campus bicycles you so faithfully illustrated.

    Talk to you and E soon!

  11. Richard Cotter says:

    Hey Karl,
    Fantastic creativity and artwork! What a wonderful way to jazz-up a presentation. Hope you had fun doing it,
    Congratulations and well done!

  12. ClaireP says:

    Hi there, Karl! Brilliant…but that’s what I’d expect from someone as creative and talented as you! I will think of you every time I see the word, “Google’! Congratulations on such an important endeavor! Claire

  13. Our student reporters visited Google. Although they thought they took a lot of good photos, the students putting the story together came upon your site want to know if they can use one of your illustrations for the story? (They would give you credit of course.)
    Can you email me and let me send you pdfs of the 3 page story- so you can see what I’m talking about?

    Thanks, Winifred

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