The Year of The Fly!

Monday revised ABCDE


If you want to learn more about the steps in the development of the book, read Fly Takes Off, a blog entry I originally posted in April 2014.



6 Responses to “The Year of The Fly!”

  1. ClaireP says:

    Congratulations, Karl! Delightful, inspiring…and I’m going to order several RIGHT NOW! Claire

  2. Lynne says:

    I will order 3 gift copies – but how can I get it into my neighborhood bookstore – we are crawling with toddlers and dodging armies of strollers on 24th Street!

    So delighted to be on the journey – those cartoons i have saved for 40+ years that you drew in French class will be valuable very soon!
    Love, Lynne

  3. Vida Pavesich says:

    It looks great! Congrats! I hope you and Erica are flourishing.

  4. John Selling says:

    Great work Karl. I’m ordering some for gifts.

  5. Addoley says:

    Hi Karl,

    Just pre-ordered a copy for my nephew. It seemed so far away when you first told me the publishing date. Glad it has arrived. Congrats to you and E!

  6. Edie Jarolim says:

    Congratulations, Karl! Great concept, beautifully executed — no surprise, coming from you.

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