How to Commission Custom Work




Color or Black and White

• Pen and ink

• Watercolor


Face portrait: 9 x 12″

Larger custom sizes for full body portraits or more than one pet in the picture.


send e new price list

I use 300 lb. Arches archival watercolor paper.

Prices include matting.

What about cats, birds, horses, hamsters, snakes, alpacas?

I love to draw animals.
I started my career doing snakes, lizards and birds at the San Diego Zoo.

Click here to see cats, a ferret, a bison, zebras and even a dodo bird!

How do we start?

If you live in the Portland metro area, I will meet you and your dog and take digital photos to use as reference material.

For pet owners outside of Portland, I have a handy step-by-step guide to help take reference snapshots. They don’t need to be beautiful, just detailed enough that I can clearly see the facial features that make your pet special. Email jpgs or send a CD.

If there is adequate reference material, I will do portraits of deceased pets.

I begin with a detailed pencil sketch.

You get to look at it and give me your opinions. You know your pet best.
If the fur too fluffy or too much tongue is hanging out, this is the time when we can make changes. Once you’re happy with the pencil drawing, I’ll either ink it or begin painting.

How long will it take ?

Two to three weeks

Gift certificates available?

Portraits make great gifts. They usually make people cry (in a good way.)

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