Fly! The Book

Here is my debut as both the illustrator and the author of a children’s book.  Fly!, published by Knopf, is a book for young readers, ages 2-4.

It is a simple story, told in 12 action words, about self-discovery through perseverance. Our protagonist, a little fly, tries in vain to do the things his insect friends do effortlessly. Crawl, dig, roll, and jump.  

fb jump

Totally defeated, he breaks down in tears. 

fb dig

Not quite ready to give up, he does a bit of soul searching and notices for the first time he has wings! Little fly discovers what he’s meant to do. Fly!

fb Yes! Fly!

Without being preachy, the book has a message that resonates with children and adults alike  —  we all have our own strengths and special skills. To be happy, rather than looking to others, it’s important to be yourself.

The book lends itself to reading aloud together. The text — all action verbs —  encourages kids to get up and move, imitating the actions of the various bugs.

An educational appendix of Bug Facts has more realistic illustrations of the eleven insects featured in the book.

fb intro bug facts

Here are some reviews. You can order Fly! via Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, or through your local independent book store.

Fly is adorably earnest, with wide-set bulging eyes and six stubby legs that flail about in consternation. Setting his action against a clean, white background and drawing it in thick black outlines, Edwards shows how effective simplicity can be.

Toddlers will cheer this tale of exploration while simultaneously jumping to their feet to try every action, right along with Fly.”

-Kirkus Reviews
(See full review here)


In his debut, Edwards lets his artwork do most of the storytelling.”

– Publishers Weekly
(See full review here)


One of the huge strengths of this book is its illustrations. From the pop-eyed little fly to the other insects, they are all distinctive and brimming with personality.”

– Waking Brain Cells
(See full review here)


As a fun bonus, here’s a Fly! “hat” you can make at home. Download the PDF HERE, cut it out, tape a string headband and Fly!
Suitable for ages 2-102.

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