Bridger Yellow Labrador Retriever with MallardMore than a companion, with a hunting dog, you share a language.  You communicate back and forth with words, body language, and hand signals.  The perfect image of my dog, Bridger, retrieving, will always serve as a reminder of that bond.  Thank you Karl!

Jane F



Oh, my gosh, you really got her! I am so pleased and so grateful that you kept us working on it!  She looks terrific and it looks just like her now. I am continually amazed and in awe of your ability to capture the unique personality of each animal.

Barbara B
(Brinks’ mom)



I am extremely happy with the paintings Karl did of our sibling cats. He not only captured their looks and colors, but more importantly, he captured the spirit of each of them right down to the attitude. I was so pleased with mine, I ordered one for my Aunt’s bird and dog, and one for my sister’s dog. They both love them. He is a very talented artist.

Terry A

Your talent captures the essence, the expressions, feelings and emotions unlike any I have ever seen (and isn’t that kind of the point . . . a picture is a picture, your illustrations are the memories.)

Peter G


I have countless photos of my two cats. But I cannot tell you how much it meant to me to have a portrait of Phoebe and Jeffey that seemed to capture their unique personalities. Karl took the time to study the two — even when they hid under the bed — to get just the right mustard yellow shade of Phoebe’s eyes and the slight pout in Jeffey’s face. He had the sensitivity and artistry to draw likenesses that really seemed to make them come alive. I have his work hanging on my wall and I will always treasure it.

Harriet C

My experience with Karl Edwards and his brilliant eye to detail was magnificent to say the least. He brings a personal touch that comes alive in his work. I am so happy, that even when the days our pets are no longer with us, Karl has captured their true essences and personalities forever.

Rita G


Oh! My! God! It takes my breath away! Thank you, Karl!

Miss B





Everytime I walk in the room where the painting of our dog hangs,  I smile. He looks so beautiful, regal and elegant. Karl went back-and-forward with me until he felt he got the dog exactly right. It is one of the treasures we own.

Ledere keer als ik de kamer binnen kom waar het portret van onze hond hangt, glimlach ik. Hij ziet er zo mooi, koninklijk en elegant uit. Karl zorgde ervoor dat hij hem precies weergaf. Het schilderij is heel belangrijk voor ons.

Mieke C

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